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Web Hosting - Windows / Linux

Windows and Linux are the two most common and readily available operating Systems for web technologies. Websites developed in software’s such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage etc using common web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript’s, VBScripts can be host to either of the above hosting servers(Windows or Linux).

If a website requires a server side scripting to develop such as PHP or ASP with database connectivity such as MySQL or MS SQL then you need to select the appropriate hosting server either windows web hosting for use of ASP hosting or Linux web hosting for the use of PHP web hosting.

RAR Web Solutions offers Windows web hosting (ASP hosting) with a support of PHP hosting as well on IIS 6.0 platform, so you can have a choice of to use either server side scripting language for ASP hosting or PHP hosting. We suggest to carefully verify the details of your web applications then choose the hosting platform of your choice.

RAR Web Solutions provides no question ask 30 days Money Back Guarantee with its entire web hosting packages. If you have purchased any product and are not totally happy with it you can get a full refund. We do not offer refund for the standard rate cost of Domain registration which will registered in your name until renewal.

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