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Domain Name Help

DNS Management:

RAR Web Solutions

DNS management system provides you with a reliable and simple way of organising your domains, enabling you to optimise the logistics of your web addresses and web sites. are housed in a state of the art data centre.

Sub Domains with web hosting
RAR Web Solutions web hosting and domain name management process provide you number of benefits one of them is sub domains. You can create sub domains for example http://sales.yourdomain.com with advance control panel.

MX Record for Domain Name
You can use any other email server, if you want instead of RAR Web Solutions. You may want to use MS Exchange server etc. You can forward your Domain's MX- records to that IP address and still use the fast and reliable web hosting service offered by RAR Web Solutions.

Through RAR Web Solutions you can register the following domains:

  • .in Indian Website
  • .co.in India based businesses
  • .com International Websites
  • .net Anything goes it seems
  • .org Internations Organisations
  • .com UK based businesses
  • .biz International Business Websites
  • .info Informative Websites
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