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Domain Transfer

If you already have a domain name and want to take advantage of one of RAR Web Solutions hosting plans, you can transfer your name to us.

There are two kind of transfer you can do they are a Full Transfer and a Partial Transfer. What you wish to do with the domain name will dictate the type of transfer you will need to do.


For fully transfer your domain to RAR Web Solutions, the Domain Transfer Auth Code needs to be obtained from the current Registrar of the domain name that you wish to transfer

A Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization Code is a code assigned by the Registrar at the time the domain name was registered. This Auth Code acts like a password for a domain name. Domain (Transfer) Secret is an extra security measure, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can transfer their domain name.

To transfer any domain name of any of the following extensions, you would require to first obtain the Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth. Code from your current Registrar:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .us
  • .in (along with any third level .in domain like .co.in)
  • .name
  • .bz
  • .mn
  • .mobi
  • .cc (not compulsory)
  • .tv (not compulsory)
  • .coop

Ideally, your domain name's Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth. Code should be available within the Domain Name Management Interface provided by your Registrar. In the event that you are not able to locate your Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth. Code, you need to contact the Support Team of your current Registrar, to obtain the same

Applicable for All Domains

You can use a partial Domain transfer and still use a great web hosting offers of RAR Web Solutions if you chose to keep your Domain with your current registrar / Domain service provider. By choosing this option you can avoid the delay (if any) and cost (if any) involve during full Domain transfer process, and it works perfectly as normal.

This involves re-delegating of the Name Servers for your domain name. Make a note of our Name servers below and forward DNS delegation of your Domain to these two DNS Servers.


Partial Domain Transfer is free for all domains (.com, .eu, .uk etc.).

Please do not hesitate to contact support team(support@rarws.com) if you have any questions in this regard

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