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Domain Name Parking

RAR Web Solutions offers DNS parking service and is perfect if you want to protect your web identity with a view to add web hosting at a later stage. Hosting can be added to your account at any point ordering through your account control panel. All domains are registered in your name. Therefore you are the legal owner of it - not us.

Domain Name Parking Features

RAR Web Solutions provides DIY domain name registration and management services which is the best so far. Our domain name systems have continued to expand and our domain registration service is constantly being enhanced by some of the most respected internet developers around. We continue to be the choice of both internet professionals and those new to the world of domain names. When you need domain names you need free domain parking.

No other domain name registration and parking service allows you the flexibility and control over your domain names. You can amend any of your parked domain names at any time, you can change name servers, web hosting ip addresses, change contact details, even change the owner of the domain name. All this is under your control from easy to use online system, send us email to use more advance features or if you need any help in this regards.

Please do not hesitate to contact support team if you have any questions in this regards.
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